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Thursday, December 16, 2010

About The Company

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God has presented nature for mankind with all its infinite wonders, varieties, and benefits. Indonesia is very rich of various natural resources. Thousands of islands filled with fertile lands forming a string of emeralds across the equator.
Here is the paradise for uncountable valuable plants to grow, such as spices and medicinal herbs. Since ancient time, these plants have been used and developed as ingredients of health recipes to preserve health, cure sickness and maintain vitality as well as beauty. The tradition of using these medicinal brews popularly known as Jamu has been preserved until present, as the Indonesian original culture to keep people health. This cultural heritage has become a national asset, and Air Mancur keeps on developing it by providing Jamu product of high quality, hygiene and effectiveness to meet the people’s need. In order to the biggest Medicinal herbs company in Indonesia, Air Mancur pays great attention to innovations and quality of the product, promotions, product distribution and customer’s satisfactions.

• Founded ini 1963 by 3 majors founders namely the late Mr. Wonosantoso, Ongkosandjojo, and Hindrotanojo.
• Currently the major stockholding is still controlled by 2nd and 3rd generations of the Founders, plus minority shareholding by the pioneer agents/distributors who’s helped the Company paved the way to the market in 1960's.
• Since 1996 the management of the Company has been handed over the professional executives, but since June 2007 the President Director Mr. Sindoro Hindrotanojo is one of the member of shareholder.
• Starting as herbal medicine (Jamu) business, since 1996 the Company has diversified into health food and cosmetics industries by maintaining herbal and natural ingredients as its core strength.

• To support high quality a safety standards the Jamu, Health Food and Cosmetics plants have been equipped with a number of laboratories, namely The Laboratory of Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical, Microbiology Analysis and Fabrication.
• Since 1970's the Company has been exporting its products to various countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darusallam and Taiwan. Currently the Company is expanding its market to Asia and the Middle East countries in line with the world trends, the Company has been actively developing new & innovative products in herbal supplements, health foods & beverages, cosmetics & toiletries an also herbal based veterinary products.
• All products have passed certain quality standards and are certified 'free sale' within Indonesian territories by the Indonesia Food and Drug Control Authorities (Badan POM). Certification for exports by the same authorities will be prepared based on the country's requirements.

• Since 2001 the Jamu Plant has been certified ISO 2001 and currently other plants are adopting equal quality standard.
• To Meet the Moslem consumer’s requirements, the Company also obtained HALAL Certificate from the Indonesia Council of Ulama (MUI).

To be Market leader in Indonesia in natural health products.

• To produce herbal medicines, health drinks, cosmetics and food supplements with innovation in natural ingredients, high added values and health benefits to the society.
• To achieve high customer’s satisfaction through value of the quality products
• To satisfy the Stakeholders through prime performances above average industry
• To maintain sustainable business growth above average industry, henceforth increasing the market share in individual product categories.
• To build reliable and competent human resource in each function.

• Planting and harvesting valuable spices and herbal plants for the Jamu ingredients

• Selecting the ingredients of high quality and value in the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy
• Analyzing the substance of the ingredients according to the quality standard, in the Phytochemical Laboratory
• The standard raw materials cleansing unit using disinfectant, to eliminate any toxic and non-hygienic substances
• Rechecking and testing the products in the Laboratory of Microbiology, Fabrication, Pharmacology and Phytochemical.

• The Jamu packaging process done by machine to guarantee the cleanness and the uniformity of the product
• Analyzing any possibility of product contamination in the Laboratory of Pharmacology

• The PT. Air Mancur's Jamu product are ready to distributed

Following is a distribution map of Air Mancur :

Air Mancur Subsidiary
(Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Kualalumpur)

Export Destinations
(Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeri)

Main Distributions
(Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Jambi, Palembang, Lampung, Bandung, Cirebon, Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Samarinda, Manado, Ambon, Kupang)